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Experienced VAT and tax services

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If you need help with your self-assessment or tax return, you can contact us, your accredited accountants situated it Tonypandy. At CPJ Accounts, our financial experts provide both tax and VAT services, designed to save you both time and money.


Filing your VAT or tax return can be a tricky business. From individual contractors to business owners, we are here to offer professional tax services, ensuring that all bookkeeping, payroll, invoices and expenses are taken into account, ensuring you only pay the tax you actually owe.

Reliable tax advice and assistance

Our financial experts take the time to fully understand your needs and situation. For expert advice and a free initial consultation, contact your accredited accountants today.


We will help keep your mind at rest every step of the way, dealing with both your tax and any complications from the HMRC.

Let our accredited accountants take care of your tax and VAT returns, call

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• VAT / Tax returns

• Help with self-assessments, ensuring returns are correctly completed and filed on time

• Advice on your tax liabilities

• Identifying suitable tax planning opportunities

• Tax computations

• Dealing with all correspondence from the HMRC

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